Our team of global Business and Technology experts will work with you to understand your challenges and design the solution for your business objectives. Our expert Services teams have a proven track record of delivering complex projects for several leading financial institutions, telecom companies, retail giants and public entities across geographies and will ensure a successful delivery and support of your Solution.

Our Solutions


We seek to accelerate and grow the new digital economy through product development, consulting, advocacy, and social impact. We build and support the blockchain industry by leveraging our expertise, skills, and network. We provide blockchain development, token sale structuring, and cryptoeconomic modeling to our industry leading clients. Our experienced team of engineers and consultants ensure that each solution is effective. We have developed a simple and powerful methodology to ensure the successful delivery of blockchain technology projects. Education We educate...

Digital Transformation

OUR INTEGRATED MULTI-CHANNEL SOLUTION The Zoku Integrated Commerce Suite stands out as a next generation SaaS cloud product uniquely capable of connecting your back end and external systems and any consumer channel. Zoku Sync, the Commerce-specific integration layer facilitates front- and back-ends working together harmoniously and far more efficiently than legacy solutions. Zoku Sync is an end-to-end integration platform covering all communication within your organization, including linking all customer touch points within an omni-channel context, as well as with external...

Analytics & AI

We deliver Analytics and Artificial Intelligence powered solutions utilizing advanced technology solutions, customized to our clients needs. Our fundamental belief is that it is mission critical for enterprises to have a 360 degree view of their customers. Powered by a set of technologies including Neo4J, the world’s leading graph technology, our Really Know Your Customer set of modules offer: Real Time Recommendations & Analysis of Product and Service Offerings Customer Success: Journey Map, Conversion, Churn Risk & Compliance: Prevention &...

Technology Partnerships

We are partnering with leading software providers and together with our team of consultants and software developers we offer open architecture, continuous real-time performance and scalable technologies to enable financial institutions exceed their consumer’s expectations and adapt to today’s marketplace.

Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving challenges including machine learning and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data.

The Zoku Integrated Commerce Suite by complementing their Netsuite implementation with a built for purpose integration layer and consumer channels including Point of Sale, Mobile, E-Commerce, Web Store, Kiosk as well as integration with third parties including delivery companies, payment gateways and social media.

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Chainstack, to jointly work on projects enhancing the blockchain journey of our customers with Chainstack’s Ultimate Blockchain Control Panel for Business.

News And Updates

Join us at Chainstack’s launch at Google Mapletree Business Park April 23, 2019

Together with our technology partner Chainstack, we will present a case study of a recent client where we built an Enterprise Blockchain solution in a matter of days.

Attending Blockshow Asia in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands 28 & 29 November

We are excited to be attending Blockshow Asia 2018, happening in Singapore. Contact us to meet up !

Join us at the IBM Power AI event on December 6 @ IBM Think Place

We will talk about Data Connections and how our solutions can help you identify and connect data relationships and create multi-level and multi-dimensional context DATE AND TIME Thu 6 December...

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