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Example of Blockchain Use Cases Include:

Food Provenance and Tracking:

Platform accessible by any internet connected device globally, to verify the entire supply chain and certification of products.  The Platform can provide a shared database that is safe, open and verifiable without a central operator. Producers will have the opportunity to improve their brand awareness on a global scale by allowing consumers and buyers to verify not only the authenticity but also the entire lifecycle of the food products. This will allow them to position their products as premium, market their products globally and have visibility on where their products end up, including all the middlemen in the supply chain and potentially identifying efficiencies, new markets, etc,

Cross Border and Micro Payments. Fast and at a fraction of the cost

Traditionally, transferring funds across jurisdictions has been inefficient due to the high transaction cost and a long time to execute. Blockchain technology addresses these issues by simplifying the process and reducing the intermediaries and therefore the cost. It also reduces the time of settlement as the blockchain technology improves the settlement process tremendously.

The current funds transfer requests involve several intermediaries and with each intermediary, the time of transaction increases. With the introduction of blockchain for funds transfer, the number of intermediaries is reduced as the blockchain acts as the medium of exchange and results in the simplifying the process thus resulting in the reduction of fees.

The cost of remittance usually hovers around 5 to 20 percent of the transaction cost and blockchain can reduce it to 2 to 3 percent of the cost. In order to achieve this, certain risks including the exchange risk associated with converting the cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies need to be addressed. Also, with the proper local regulations in place, blockchain becomes the medium of choice for corporate and high net worth individuals making cross-border payments.

Identity & Personal records

  • Establishing and maintaining identities for citizens and residents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, visas, death records).
  • Interoperable health records, insurance records, etc.

Benefits, Entitlements, and Aid

  • Social security, medical benefits payments, domestic and international aid.
  • Anticipatory/automated payments could be automated through Smart Contracts

Drug Prescription

Ensure that drug prescription fulfillment is performed accurately with a blockchain powered system under Government Agency control connecting Doctors, Pharmacists and the public