We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Chainstack, to jointly work on projects enhancing the blockchain journey of our customers with Chainstack’s Ultimate Blockchain Control Panel for Business.

With the number of blockchain networks and protocols increasing, and the need for blockchain applications to be seamlessly integrated with existing business functions and processes in order to be of commercial value, it is essential to utilize a universal blockchain platform with APIs connecting to non-blockchain systems. Chainstack solves exactly these challenges and provides us with best practices development, deployment and integration processes and tools to build our projects on a strong foundation. Post deployment, Chainstack gives the power to our client – the end users and owners of the system – with its control panel functionality.

The team developing Chainstack has a strong track record building advanced technology products worldwide. This makes us confident that the product has been developed with the highest design and software development standards and will enable us to successfully deliver strong blockchain projects for our clients.